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Nos Collab’

On vous prévient, sur cette page on se la raconte ; voici la liste de tous ceux avec qui on a eu l’honneur de travailler. Faaame I wanna live foreveeeer


novembre 2020

Mirae, official experts of the dress, are designing November’s knits with us.

And other stories

septembre 2020

The & Other Stories collab just gave fall a feline look, with a printed scarf: little leopards tied around this month’s two pairs of tights. We tell great stories ourselves… But this one is clearly a favourite.

Louise Misha

août 2020

This August, Louise Misha awakens our wanderlust with these travel-inspired shorts. We’re loving this fresh, green and wonderfully free-spirited collab.

Antik Batik

juillet 2020

To say we’re excited about Antik Batik is not enough… We got ourselves wrapped up -literally- into this bohemian skirt. Perfect for alternating summer siestas and city strolls. It’s not only stylish, it’s also light and eco-conscious. We’ll be wearing it non-stop, all summer long.


juin 2020

« Underwear »? Why though? NOO’s lingerie is too breezy and eco-conscious to hide underneath clothes. So when we got together this June to create THE summer dress, we made it just that way: flowing, liberating and exquisitely green. Freedom!

Balzac Paris

avril 2020

We read Proust and it was Zzzzz… But then we met Balzac. We could write a novel about this, but we’ll just say: this trendy recycled clothes brand has helped us make the greenest collab ever. Yep, that’s the way we are: big on books, stylish and environmentally-minded.

Collab Soi Paris mars 2020

mars 2020

Forget harsh mornings, Soi Paris has the softest blouses to transition from your bed to your day. In march, they lent us a hand drawing a citrusy tote bag and two pair of even fresher tights.

December collab

décembre 2019

Manoush ? Who else to embody our Christmas spirit. With their sprinkles and our co-created velvet pouch, the party is only starting.

Octobre 2019

Octobre 2019

octobre 2019

Imparfaite ? It’s only the frenchiest and most stylish online store for vintage gems. Who else could we have rallied to create our retro-coolest pair of tights to date ?



septembre 2019

Who’s that duo, walking down the street as if they owned it ? Jonak shoes, of course. Well they got us head over heels and a chit-chat later, we settled on creating a protective pouch for our brand new pair, as well as a couple of preppy tights that’ll match them just fine. Back to school style ? This is how it’s done right.

Collab Elise Chalmin

Collab Elise Chalmin

juin 2019

The playsuit that catches the eye but will steal your heart. Elise Chalmin, the French designer that has so much heart, even her signature t-shirts are covered in hearts. Together, we imagined a playsuit sure to steal your heart this summer sprinkled with lots of little…ok you get the picture.

Collab Season Paper Collection

Collab Season Paper Collection

avril 2019

Two passionate textile designers (also BFF’s) paint poetry by swooshing their brushes into bright and bold colours. We stumbled across this duo when they created Season Paper Collection and we fell in love, hard! With their spark for textiles and our obsession with patterns, it was a collaboration waiting to happen.

Collab' Louise Damas

Collab' Louise Damas

décembre 2018

This year, Louise Damas “put a ring on it”. We collaborated with a Parisienne jeweller who designed a gold plated ring just for us. We delicately placed this little gem between a pair of show-stopping glittery tights and jaw-dropping geometrics. This Box is a mix of glitter, spice and everything nice.


septembre 2018

Hang out in bed. Curl up in your duvet. Grab a book. Stuff it under the pillow. Reach out for breakfast. Take a few minutes for yourself. That's what's on the agenda for our two pairs of September tights, designed with Princess Tam.tam, our favourite French lingerie brand. The day can finally not begin...

MARCH 2018

mars 2018

Your tights are show-ready: "All eyes on me".


septembre 2017

With Tara Jarmon, we had fun twisting parisian clichés to create two chic tights. Oh, la, la.

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