We like legs. Long ones, short ones, shy ones, strong ones, we like them all. So five years ago, we decided to design something that would show them all off, starting here in Paris, where they're affectionately known as gambettes. The mission: design and deliver two pairs of tights to you every month. (In a box slim enough to slip through a mail slot.) Tights so chic you'll forever say no to pants in favor of skirts, dresses, or shorts. Anything that shows off those jolies gambettes. This isn't about being sexy, but free: free to do what you want, where you want, the way you want. Everyone says Parisian chic is about looking "effortless." We say it's about looking like you know where you're going. Like a Parisienne climbing stairs in Montmartre, or clacking her heels along the Left Bank, or tipsy-dancing down the Right, until finally tiptoeing through her front door just in time to greet the dawn.

From fall through spring, the Gambettes Box arrives in your mailbox every month with two surprise pairs of tights. In summer, when bare legs are in season, we enter into vacation mode and stop your shipments till autumn. The deal: two to three times a year, we’ll send you a super high-quality, super-opaque pair of tights in classic black (so you can go ahead and throw out all those holey pairs you’ve got into the back of your drawer now.) The rest of the time, we’ll send you something a tad more original. Think chic, subtle patterns in a variety of deniers, with the occasional colored pair. For us that means shades like navy, mauve, and bordeaux (never red, green, orange, yellow, blue.) Rainbow tights are not our thing. Honestly, most of the pairs you’ll get will come in black. It’s timeless, essential, and easy to wear. Boring? Never. Because we work with talented designers to create gorgeous patterns that flatter every kind of leg, no matter the shape or size. Occasionally, we collaborate with big name designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Inès de la Fressange, and Courrèges. Chic, we know. Come rosé season (ie. June, July and August) when it’s too hot for tights, your subscription will transform into the perfect summer Box and you guessed it, you legs will become the cetre of attention. In any case, you’re free to cancel your subscription at any moment, we won't hold you down. Long live well-dressed legs. Vive les Gambettes. #frenchgambettes #freegambettes #gambettesbox