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Made in Italy

OK but first,

How are your tights designed?

Our inspiration: the streets of Paris...

and the Parisiennes. Gambettes tights are part of our French lifestyle: très chic and lots of baguette!

Gambettes image How are your tights designed?
Gambettes image How are your tights designed?

At the beginning of each pair of tights...

..we’re spoilt for choice. It takes 100 different samples and 6 months to design your two Gambettes tights of the month.

How are Gambettes tights designed?

This is how we do it. Before you slip into our tights. Before you even discover them in the Box. And even before the Box is shipped to your home, your pair of Gambettes tights has had a whole life of her own. Want to hear the story?

From knit to tights

A cool spool

Before anything else, that’s what your tights are: a simple spool of thread. We take it for a spin (4 spins, in fact) and it’s ready to give you beautiful legs. But let’s get back to this spool: it gets a VIP treatment, stored up to 24 hours max, at no more than 25-26°C, to make sure the fiber is perfectly ready to be spun.

collant coton 1
gambettes tissage 2 tissage italy

Knitting the Gambettes

A machine knits a simple pair of tights in approximately 4 minutes. But since we like bringing fanciness in your life, our tights with unique designs can need up to 10 minutes of weaving.

Coming together nicely

First one leg, than the other: that’s how tights are made. Next step: put everything together by assembling the legs with a reinforced stitch. At this stage, we do a thorough quality check. The anti-ripping brigade is on the job.

collant noir et blanc 4

Black and white

We would never see you in white tights: ultimate fashion don’t. But initially, all tights are white. Only at this stage do they get dyed another colour (we go black or go home). Then, the brand new pair of tights is ironed, folded and tucked snugly in the cardboard of the Box, ready to follow you everywhere you walk.

qulity made in italy

Discover our Paris

Tips for Paris first card image


Barbès, mon amour

Spicy aromas, colourful fabrics, a cosmopolitan feel: Barbès lays all its cards on the table. Here, you will find the offices of Gambettes Box, located in a former games arcade.

Tips for Paris second card image


Mamiche, the smell of yum

If babka (a brioche with chocolate and cinnamon) were an art, then Mamiche bakery in Barbès would be its Louvre museum. Orange blossom and chocolate-flavoured babkas, pesto focaccias, and the famous cookies with fleur de sel: everything here will make your heart sing.

Tips for Paris third card image


Rooftop with a view

The Brasserie Barbès has it all: a patio on the first floor to have lunch al fresco, a fireplace for winter coffee breaks, and on the top floor, a solarium and a dancefloor with large bay windows. We hang out here day and night.

Gambettes image Mona Lisa

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